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Veritus Group Academy is more than an online course – it’s your source for major gift fundraising training. We realize that you have many needs, including

  • Starting or building your major gift program
  • Learning to be a better major gift fundraiser
  • Examining and overcoming challenges, both individual and organizational
  • Increasing donor retention and finding new major donors
  • Building a culture of philanthropy in your organization.

Through our group and individual trainings offered both online and in-person, Veritus Group Academy has solutions for these and other pressing needs.

Online Courses

We offer comprehensive online training in three areas:

  • The Certification Course for Major Gift Fundraisers – This foundational online course is an 8-module, 3-month course to increase your understanding and skills for major gift fundraising. It is essential for major gift officers, leaders, and other non-profit fundraisers who are working with major donors. Click here to learn more.
  • The Certification Course for Managers and Executives. Starting, managing and growing a major gift program takes time and a deep understanding of donor relationships, successful MGO practices and a management structure and environment that positively supports the program. This course will lead you to greater skill at:
    • Creating a positive, donor-centered management environment where major gift fundraising is supported by the whole team.
    • How to work with finance and program to create offers for donors that will secure transformational gifts.
    • Creating a program that collaborates with planned giving and capital campaigns in your organization vs. competing with them.
    • Hiring major gift officers (MGO) with the right skills
    • Setting appropriate goals for each MGO
    • Evaluating and rewarding performance
    • Creating an expansion plan for major gifts that will secure more net revenue for your mission.
    • Click here to learn more.

The Certification Course in Mid-Level Fundraising. Mid-level fundraising is a growing priority for nonprofits. This course offers comprehensive training for leaders and mid-level fundraising staff to learn the structure and systems to build or improve your mid-level program.

You will be guided through the key components needed to ensure your program is set up right, common challenges we see organizations experience, and strategies necessary to have a successful and thriving program.

If you need to add mid-level fundraising to your program, or your current program is struggling, this is the course for both your managers and front-line staff. Click here to learn more.

Topical Online Offerings. These shorter courses will cover specific topics that you want training for, in different times of the year or different phases of your career. Click here to see our current offerings:

CFRE credits are available for all of these online courses.

Customized Trainings

A number of organizations are approaching training by sending their MGOs through some or all of an online course, then bringing in a custom training to ensure that learning is integrated into their particular organizational needs. When you hire Veritus Group Academy team for a custom training, you work with VGA staff to create and determine the outcomes of that training.

This customized training can take place online-only, or on-site. It can take many different forms:

  • Full-day or multi-day workshops with large-group trainings and small-group exercises
  • Individual planning for implementation and integration into work plans and organizational strategy
  • Follow-up by phone or web-conference to encourage continued progress
  • Pre- and Post-session readings and training media for absorption of materials at your own pace.

Each training is led by an experienced Veritus Group member who tailors the experience to your needs. Contact Amy Chapman to discuss your needs (email | phone: 215-514-0600).

Group Coaching

Veritus Group Academy offers group phone and web-conference coaching where you and a number of your peers share learnings, answer questions, teach, and support the learning. An option to follow up from your on-line training and live calls is to set up a Live Video training. This will have similar outcomes to the custom on-site training. Contact Amy Chapman to discuss your needs (email | phone: 215-514-0600).

Individual Coaching

Sometimes you have very specific needs, and you want some help. Veritus Group Academy offers individual coaching for major gift fundraisers and non-profit managers & executives. Usually done via webconference and telephone, this type of coaching can help you build your skills or supplement your own discipline. You can request single coaching sessions or packages of multiple sessions. Contact Karen Kendrick, Director of Learning, to discuss your needs (email | phone: 215-514-0600).

VGA Courses, Trainings and Coaching

Veritus Group Academy isn’t just a course; it’s your source for major gift trainings of all types. Click below for information on the type of course you’re looking for.