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Touch Points: Connecting with Donors between Asks

Are you finding that your donors are suddenly, and unexpectedly, no longer giving to your organization? Or do you see too many donors on your caseload that give the same thing every year and you can’t get them to increase their giving? Well, the truth is that this is not so unexpected. Donor attrition and stagnation plague the majority of nonprofit organizations, hidden behind new donors and one-time above and beyond gifts. If you really look at your caseload, are there donors who have been faithfully supporting your organization who have stopped or don’t increase their giving? If so, this course is for you!

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Many donors stop giving or don’t give more because they were never told that their gifts made an impact. They never heard how it changed someone’s life, made a difference, or created a solution.

Instead, they feel that they hear from the organization only when they’re being asked for money, or when they get a (long-delayed) receipt for a prior gift. They don’t feel part of the conversation; they don’t feel like a partner in the work that they’re giving to.

Regular, planned touch points can build that connection that the donor longs for. And that nurtured relationship prepares the donor (and the fundraiser) to come to the next request for money with an open heart.

Once you’ve completed the Touch Points: Connecting with Donors between Asks course, you will be able to:

  • Create personalized, one-on-one touches that inform donors about the impact of their gifts
  • Develop a plan for creating personalized communication driven by the donor’s passions and interests
  • Understand how to collaborate with your team to create touch points that engage donors and show gratitude.

By creating a system to ensure you are sending your donors meaningful touch points that communicate the impact of their gifts and the work of your organization, you will better retain donors and keep your donors connected to your organization.

Interested? Here’s a brief outline of the course:


Learn how to build a partnership with program and marketing


Understand where touch points fit in the moves management cycle


Learn how to identify donor passions and interests


Create new strategies and ideas to transport a donor to the scene, literally or figuratively


Understand why it is important to show the impact and thank the donor repeatedly


Discuss ideas for touch points that work with your organization and meet your donors’ needs


Create a touch point plan with an annual schedule of touch points


Prepare an actual touch point deliverable for your organization and caseload

How does this work??

This course will provide you with the strategies you need to create, plan, and schedule touch points that will allow you to better serve your donors. This is done through reading assignments, audio/video content, and applicable assignments.


Registration costs only $297 per person. Groups of 3 or more from the same organization can get a 5% discount when registering together. (Email us for more information or to register.)

Registration is now open; the class starts as soon as you’re ready, and you have 4 weeks to complete the course after your first login.

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You probably have some questions about how this course might apply to your situation. Read below for more useful information.

How exactly does this work?

How long does this course last?

This course is offered on-demand. Once the course begins, you will have four weeks to complete the course and turn in your final assignments. The four weeks is measured from the date of your first login, so be prepared to start your work at that time.

What do I get out of the course?

You will learn how to plan, create, and schedule touch points for every donor on your caseload that will be meaningful, share the impact, use internal and external resources, and keep donors more engaged with your organization. You will also create a touch point plan that you can begin implementing immediately.

How soon do I have to decide?

This course is available on-demand; so you can choose to register and begin this course whenever you’re ready.

Are there CFRE Credits available?

YES. Participants successfully completing the course will receive 6 CFRE Credits.

Is this course for me?

Are you engaged in major donor fundraising?

If you work with donors, then you need to make sure you are communicating the impact of their gifts. This course will help you create a strategy to develop meaningful touch points that will keep your donors engaged with your organization.

Do you manage other fundraising staff?

This would be a great course to take your team through together. (Email us for information on group discounts of 3 or more.)

Even if others can’t join you, this course will give you ideas to implement with your whole team as you create touch points to show your donors that their gifts are making a difference.

What if I'm a one-person development department doing it on my own?

However big or small your operation, you need to make sure you are communicating with your donors about how their gifts are making a difference. Let us help you develop a system so you can create and communicate meaningful content that will speak to your donors’ passions and interests.

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