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The next session of this course begins May 3, 2021.

Am I Taking Care of my Mid-Level Donors?

Do you feel like you are losing donors by the hundreds? Or is your MGO getting bogged down working with donors that are not at the major giving level? 

If this sounds like you, we are here to tell you that you are not alone. Nonprofits are losing donors at a disastrous rate. Acquisition continues to be increasingly difficult and expensive…so what’s the answer? You need to be retaining your donors and moving more people up the major gifts pipeline.

Piece of cake, right?!

Solving this problem is not easy but investing in the solution is critical. Now, you may be wondering if a mid-level program is really all that valuable and whether or not it will actually solve your problems. The truth is that your mid-level donors not only bring in the majority of your net revenue, but they are your future major donors. Without a program in place to grow the relationship and keep the donor connected to your organization, you will lose out on donors which means lost revenue.

By focusing on your mid-level donors, you will not only provide vital support to your major gifts and planned giving programs, but you will also increase donor and value retention for the organization.

Participants in this course will receive everything they need to know from the fundamentals and strategies to processes and procedures needed for a complete understanding of how to have a successful mid-level program. This approach will provide you with the tactical pieces needed to get this program off the ground, an awareness of common pitfalls, an understanding of how to make the right hires for this program, and key information needed to effectively measure your program’s success. Literally, every question you could have about starting a mid-level program will be answered for you in this revolutionary course.

This course includes a multi-media approach including podcasts, webinars, readings, peer group discussion calls, and various tools and application assignments to ensure you develop a program set up for success.

After taking this course, you will have a changed perspective, new tools, and a clearer focus on how to create, revamp, or revitalize your mid-level program.

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Interested? Here’s what we’ll cover:


Understand the fundamentals needed to set up a successful mid-level program.


Learn how ready your organization is to launch a mid-level program.


Understand how to set up your data correctly so you can measure your program, track key metrics, and ensure you have the right donors in your caseload pool.


Learn what is required to have a meaningful and impactful donor offer.


See all of the components you need to set up BEFORE you start your program.


Learn what skills, talents, and characteristics are found in extraordinary Mid-level Officers and how to hire, retain and motivate them.


Understand the Mid-level Officer role and what is required to be successful in it.


Learn how to take your program to the next level!

How does this work?

Each of the above steps will be supported through a multi-media experience including webinars, podcasts, readings, and application assignments to integrate your learning and prepare you for launching or refocusing your mid-level program. You will also be invited to participate in regular peer group discussion calls specifically on the topic of mid-level fundraising.

Believe us, Veritus Group Academy is designed specifically for you to build confidence and structure into your program to allow your donor’s to deepen their impact within the community.


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You probably have some questions about how this course might apply to your situation. Read below for more useful information.

How exactly does this work?

How long does this course last?

This course is offered thrice in 2021: February, May and September. You’ll have 2 months to finish the course at your own pace over that period.

What do I get out of the course?

You’ll receive a complete training on everything you need to know about starting or refreshing your mid-level training program. This course includes all the necessary strategies, processes and procedures, tools, and structure you’ll need to set your program up for success.

How soon do I have to decide?

The May class registration closes on April 30th, and the September class registration closes on September 17th.

Are there CFRE Credits available?

Yes! Each participant who completes the course will receive 36 CFRE credits.

Register today! Select your start date:

Starts May 3, 2021Starts Sept 20, 2021