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Is My Major Gift Program at its Full Potential?

Based on decades of experience with major gift fundraising, Veritus leaders have developed this course to help managers and leaders…

  • Know the essential strategic and management steps to set up a new major gift program or revitalize an old program;
  • Create bottom-up budgets that align with reality-based donor giving patterns and metrics;
  • Align organizational expectations for Return on Investment with the maturity of your program and the experience of your staff;
  • Create the right performance expectations with major gifts staff, as well as with finance and program managers;
  • Set and review annual goals with your major gift fundraising staff that are measurable and achievable.

Download the Course Outline: Learning Guide

Interested? Here’s what we’ll cover:


Understand how a major gift program should be a key economic driver in your overall fundraising program.


Get tools to know when it’s financially worth it to add MGOs to your development team.


Create a bottom-up revenue forecast based on current donor data for each MGO.


Set an economic baseline for your program as you prepare to measure future progress.


Learn to create your organization’s major gift revenue forecast based on donor realities.


Learn how to develop collaboration between finance, program and major gifts in order to create offers that donors will want to support through their giving


Learn how to gauge a MG program’s proper ROI based on its longevity and maturity.


Learn to hire the right MGOs, then develop key performance metrics and reporting standards for MGOs and for your program in general.

How does this work??

This is a self-directed online course, where you will learn each of the principles and tools above through readings, podcasts, and webinars. As you progress through the course, you will complete assignments designed to help you implement your learnings in your real-life situation. Through a live webconference, you have time to ask your questions directly to Richard Perry, Jeff Schreifels and our team of experts – and you will gain from interaction with your peers.

This course should take you 6-8 hours of self-directed time to complete, over about three weeks. When you put in the work, you will emerge with a greater understanding of how to manage organizational expectations and set realistic goals for your major gift program.


Registration costs only $297 per person – save 5% by registering more than a month in advance of the course! Group rates are available for groups of three (3) people or more. (Email us for more information.)

You may register for the 2018 course at any time; we have two sessions available:

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Starts Mar 19th Starts Aug 13th


You probably have some questions about how this course might apply to your situation. Read below for more useful information.

How exactly does this work?

How long does this course last?

Two sessions of this course are available in 2018: one starting March 19th, and the other starting August 13th. Registration closes at midnight the Friday before the course begins.

Once the class starts, you’ll have three weeks to complete the course at your own pace. You’ll go through a recorded webinar, a podcast, and multiple assigned readings; then you’ll participate in a live call featuring Richard Perry. We encourage you to be on the calls to ask questions and share ideas, but a recording will be available to participants afterward.

At the end of the course, you’ll have a required application assignment, to ensure learning and to help you apply the course materials to your fundraising team’s real-life situation.

What do I get out of the course?

You’ll learn what kind of return to expect from your major gift program spending; you’ll be able to set more realistic revenue expectations that will stretch your MGOs but not break them; you’ll evaluate your staff and program for future improvement; and you’ll learn how to manage and expand your staff to grow revenue over time.

How soon do I have to decide?

Registration ends at midnight on the Friday before each class starts. Limited spots on the roster are available, so register today!

Are there CFRE Credits available?

YES. Those completing the course will receive 6 CFRE Credits. [This is pending confirmation from CFRE International.]

Is this course for me?

Are you a fundraising manager or non-profit executive?

If so, this course is for you. If you manage fundraising staff, or you’re responsible for setting budgets and reporting financial results of fundraising, you’ll want to take this course.

Managers and executives who oversee fundraising work need to know how to create budgets, individual staff goals, and departmental policy that are driven by current donor data. And when you report to your board or CFO, you’ll want to know what a reasonable return on investment might be.

If so, this course is for you. Whether it’s gearing up for year-end fundraising, or looking ahead to the end of a fiscal year, this MGA course will help you focus your efforts on donors with potential to give – but do it in a way that honors the relationship established with them over time.

Do you manage other fundraising staff?

If you manage staff, this will give you the tools you need to set and review goals regularly. You will also have a new understanding of the role your fundraising staff will play as you guide upper management to set annual budgets for your department.

What if we have a small development team?

However big or small your operation, you have budgets and goals to set, and expectations to manage. And when the time comes to expand, the information in this course will help you evaluate when you can hire your next MGO.

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