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The next session of this course begins April 5, 2021

You might be asking yourself, “Is this training right for me?”
If the answer to many of the questions below is Yes, join us!


Do you worry that meetings and paperwork keep you from properly managing your fundraising staff?


Do you long to have a community of other managers and executives who struggle with fundraising management?


Do you love learning through different types of media?


Are you a new CEO who isn’t sure how to reach donors AND run an organization?


Are you a veteran that would like to brush up on your knowledge and skills?


Do you want to help your staff focus on the right donors with the right plan and goals in place?


Do you want to know how get your whole organization behind the development effort?


Do you yearn for long-term partnerships with donors who give year after year?

Does any of this speak to you?

If so, VGA will deliver the training you need. The Certification Course for Managers & Executives will deliver content through video, podcasts, webinars, social media connections, and EVEN homework… not to burden you, but to help lift you up in your work.

With your busy schedule, everything is available on an as-needed basis – you can work at your own pace, even if it’s at 2am. And you’ll be able to interact with your peers as they grapple with the same topics via live calls and Facebook communities.

No boring lectures, not a list of facts and figures, but real stories of what has worked for many other non-profits in real-life practice. Believe us, Veritus Group Academy is designed specifically for you to find the true joy it is to create a donor-centered culture that produces results.


Registration for VGA’s Certification Course for Managers & Executives costs $1,997 and is now open for all sessions in 2021 — next session starts on April 5, 2021. Your registration includes a 8-module course to be completed over 3 months, with access to live, recorded and written materials and interactions.

The cost of the course may be subject to discounts that apply to early registration and group discounts; information is posted on the registration page. After completing the first two modules, a full refund is available according to this refund policy.

The next session of this course begins April 5, 2021

Starts Apr 5, 2021Starts Aug 30, 2021


You probably have some questions about how this course for Managers & Executives might apply to your situation. Read below for more useful information.

Why is this applicable to Managers and Executives?

How will this help me manage major gift fundraisers?

This course is built on over 10 years of Veritus Group’s work with dozens of non-profits (large and small) in the US, Canada and Europe. Veritus has managed hundreds of MGOs to meet their fundraising goals, and they’ve coached managers on effective ways to manage and evaluate MGOs.

You’ll learn about best practices from other successful Development Managers, and you’ll discover tools and strategies to grow your department.

I have to run the entire organization - why do I need a course like this?

As a top executive, you know that major donors fund a great proportion of the organization’s work, and you have to engage with them from time to time.

Through this course, you’ll learn how leadership can engage with fundraising staff to maximize your influence (and your time) with those donors.

You’ll also learn how to think about the Return on Investment (ROI) you should expect from major gift fundraising departments in different stages of development – essential for employing your capital strategically.

Are there CFRE Credits available?

Participants receive 36 CFRE credits for successful completion of the course.

Will This Apply to Me and My Organization?

Will this be applicable to my work and organization?

At Veritus Group, we understand that every organization – and every donor base – is different. VGA will help you create the strategies that you need to build a successful program, and we will teach you the best way to manage your staff to produce lasting donor partnerships that lead to transformative gifts.

Whether you’re the CEO of a large or mid-sized organization, or you’re the development director of a small non-profit, you’ll learn the strategies you need to succeed. We have worked in various countries, and we understand that there are differences in the cultures of philanthropy – this will also be applicable to you and your organization wherever you may live and work.

I’ve taken other fundraising training. How do I know that Veritus Group Academy will work for me? How is VGA different?

Rather than simply learning new information, you’ll change the very culture of your organization. Our mission is to provide relational- and analytics-based major donor management strategies, resulting in higher major donor retention and giving.

You’ll be engaging with Veritus content in ways that lead to strategies, systems, and actions for change within your own organization. And this content and approach works! It is not just theory and principle. It is time- and MGO-tested.

Through video, podcasts, webinars, handouts, discussions, and Facebook, you’ll delve into the content and then apply that information to your own work. We will hold you accountable to complete an application assignment related to each module. These assignments are focused on applying what you’re learning to your own work and organization, so that you come out of this experience with a comprehensive plan and clear actions that will lead to your success.

As a manager, you may be asking yourself, I only have so much in my training budget, is VGA a good investment?

If your answer is yes to a number of these questions below, then VGA is something you will want to seriously consider as a powerful resource and support in your efforts to build a strong and successful major gift program.

  1. Is your major gift program struggling, and you wish you had a bunch of great ideas to help them out, but you just don’t?
  2. Do you have good-performing MGOs, but they could use a dose of inspiration and new thinking?
  3. Do you believe that money spent on training will yield 4 to 10 times the amount you spend?
  4. Would you like to invest in world-class training but not have to spend half your budget on travel costs?
  5. Would you like to go to training that is hands-on, and gives you real-life action plans that you can implement right away?
  6. Has previous training programs been hit or miss and you want something that is comprehensive, proven and works in the field for great non-profits all over the country?

What are the logistics of VGA?

When does the Academy for Managers & Executives start? How long will it take?

The next session of this course starts on January 25, 2021. You’ll have 3 months to finish the course at your own pace.

Will this work with my schedule and time zone?

The course will be available to you online at any time during the scheduled length of the course, so there is no issue with time zone challenges. Our live conversations will also be scheduled as best we can to accommodate many different time zones, and recordings will be available to course participants.

Next session starts on April 5, 2021

Starts Apr 5, 2021Starts Aug 30, 2021