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Ever since Veritus Group was created, our mission was to help non-profit leaders and development professionals like you become great at major gift fundraising. We saw too many good non-profits and major gift officers who were either losing donors to attrition or not challenging donors enough; they were leaving hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars behind, lost to the organization.

We didn’t think it had to be that way.

Over the years Veritus Group has been fortunate to work with dozens of great non-profits and hundreds of MGOs to help them create, build and manage major gift programs. We’ve helped development professionals and leaders like you see not only great short-term success, but have a solid structure in place for long-term growth, all built on the practice of developing real relationships with donors… which is what major gift fundraising is all about.

Along the way, we realized that some non-profits did not have the resources to engage us on a long-term basis, to work with their MGOs. With our mission to reach as many non-profits and MGOs as possible with “The Veritus Way” of being successful with major gifts, we decided to create training programs that use the best knowledge, experience and success we’ve accumulated over the years, and bring them to you at a reasonable cost anyone could afford — anyone who is serious about the long-term health of their organization and their own professional development. Thus Major Gift Academy was born!

Now Major Gift Academy is a one-stop-shop for major gift fundraising training. We have intensive, weeks-long courses for fundraisers and executives; we have shorter online trainings; we have one-to-one fundraising coaches; and we have on-site customized trainings for larger organizations or groups. No matter what your needs for training, MGA is the place to be. Check out our menu of trainings.

Richard Perry

Founding Partner

Richard Perry has over 40 years’ experience helping nonprofits transform their Major Donor programs. He co-founded The Domain Group, which was one of the largest full-service fundraising consulting agencies serving major national, regional and local non-profits in the United States. Richard also does management consulting and leadership development and transition, and has worked with mergers and acquisitions.

Jeff Schreifels

Jeff Schreifels

Senior Partner

For more than 25 years, Jeff has been developing, planning and executing strategic fundraising and marketing programs. He’s served as Development Director at several nonprofits and was Senior Strategy Director at The Domain Group, where he helped to develop record-setting fundraising programs for the agency’s largest clients.

Karen Kendrick

Karen Kendrick

Director of Learning

Karen Kendrick has a masters degree in education and counseling and over 20 years’ experience in nonprofit fundraising in both the university/education market and social service agencies. She has served as program director and executive director for a nonprofit, giving her both programmatic and administrative experience. She has created strong comprehensive fundraising programs from the ground up and served as a major gift officer.

David Cupps

Operations Manager

David has had a rich and varied experience in business management for both commercial and non-profit organizations serving as a business manager for a law firm, a financial advisor for a national investment company and a development director, operations manager and Executive Director for various non-profits.

Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones

Learning and Experience Manager

Ashley's professional career began as a classroom teacher before transitioning to a position as a Capitol Hill liaison for a major international publishing group creating and facilitating training. She worked with a lobbying firm focused on the non-profit sector; and more recently, managed her family's business. Ashley lives in Asheville, NC with her husband and two young children.

Keturah Taylor

Keturah Taylor

Community Experience Coordinator

Keturah has worked in higher education for the past twelve years managing alumni relations, special events and engagement efforts for various cohorts. She has been involved in and managed fundraising efforts, alumni, student and donor relations, marketing efforts and program expansion. She has established a reputation for enthusiastically bringing fresh ideas to her work in any role. Keturah has a passion for fostering relationships and problem solving.